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We highly recommend that you order Debbie’s Rat Health Care booklet. Order one today! Check out the info at Rat Books

You can now get major medical health insurance for your rats!  Their website is but you will need to call 800-872-7387 to get a quote on “exotic” animals.

Emergency Care

Rat First Aid  (including respiratory distress)

Raising Orphan Rats

Poisonous Plants

Bloating & Megacolon

Finding & Catching a Lost Rat

General Care

Removing Wild Rats from your Home

An Introduction to Pet Rats

A Rat Care Sheet

Cage Hygiene

Keeping your Rats Cool or Warm

Trimming Toenails: See article on Skin Problems below.

The Toxicity of Pine and Cedar and Safe Litter Products

Respiratory toxicity of cedar and pine wood

Coping with Allergies to Rats

A List of Available Back Issues of the Rat Report

Understanding Grief when a Rat Dies

Do Rats Go to Heaven?

Just for Fun!

How to Say “Rat” in Other Languages


Introducing a New Rat

Trust Training for Frightened Rats

The Case Against Single Rats

Teaching Your Rat to Come When Called

Rat Behavior in Relation to Health



Chromium Extends Life Span

Nutritional Requirements of Rats


Cages & Toys

Building Plans for a Wire Cage

Building Plans for a Cement Mixing Tray Cage

Building Plans for Round Cages  


Rat Reproduction

Breeding Ethics

Choosing a Rat Breeder

A List of Rat Breeders

Health Care

Vet Referral ListWestern U.S. & Other Countries

Vet Referral ListMidwest & Eastern U.S.

How to Find A Good Rat Vet

Rat-Bite Fever

Human Blister Skin Fungus  (Includes a photo)

Abscesses and Cysts (Includes photos)

Respiratory & Heart Disease in Rats  with links to pages with photos

Head Tilt (inner ear infection) See article on Respiratory Disease above.

Giving Medications: See article on Respiratory Disease above.

Treating Rats with a Nebulizer

Standard Blood and Urinalysis Values

Heart Measurement Statistics

Surgery in Rats

Homeopathy for Surgery

Skin Problems and Hair Loss (including scabs and parasites)

Tumors  (Includes photos, and links to other pages of photos)

Spaying Helps Prevent Tumors

Seizures in Rats

Tamoxifen to Prevent and Treat Tumors

References Showing Soybean Protein Helps to Prevent Mammary Tumors

Overgrown Teeth  (Includes photos)



How to Do a Rat Autopsy  (Includes photos)

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered somewhere on this site or in my Rat Health Care booklet or book RATS, you can email me at  Try to use the word “rat” in the subject, or, when emailing with an urgent question, be sure to use URGENT as your email subject.. Keep in mind that I get lots of inquiries daily and may not be able to reply to emails immediately.

You can also send your question to one of the following addresses (please note that these groups are not affiliated with The Rat Fan Club in any way):
for general questions:
for health questions:
Or you can ask general questions on our Online Forum. (See button above.)

If you have a rat medical emergency, check the section on First Aid above. If you still need help, you can call me at (530) 899-0605 between 9 am and 10 pm Pacific Time (if possible). Please note I don’t usually check my email on the weekends.

For non-urgent phone calls, please call between 2-5 pm Pacific Time.

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