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Teaching Your Rat to Come When Called

by Debbie “The Rat Lady” Ducommun

Teaching your rat this basic behavior could save your rat’s life in case he gets out of his cage and hides.

You need to reward your rat by giving him a treat. I like using Rice Krispies cereal because each piece is so small you can give your rat lots before he gets full.  You can also use Cocoa Krispies cereal or small pieces of other food.  First you must teach your rat to take food from your fingers. Then you can start saying his name and the word “treat” before giving him the food. Your rat will learn his name faster if you always say it when you greet and pet him.

Next, instead of handing your rat the treat, hold it a few inches away so he has to come get it. First say his name and “come get treat.” Gradually make him come farther to get the treat until he will run across the floor, couch, table, or bed to get his treat.

Practice this behavior often so your rat learns it well.

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