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The November 7, 2004 Party
This was a holiday party of the Northern California Rat Community with a holiday potluck, a costume contest and a gift exchange. The weather was nice enough to hold the party outside. The winner of the costume contest was Kenyon Anderson of Placerville, CA and his rat Yahiko dressed very creatively as Rat Stew.  Second place went to Ed Luckin of Oakland, CA and his rat Boots dressed as Captain Hook. Third place went to Yresim Demus of San Jose, CA and her rats Kunoichi as Jack and Hecate as Barbosa from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Yahiko in her Rat Stew costume.

Boots as Captain Hook.

Yresim Demus holds Kunoichi dressed as Jack from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pebbles, who lives with Ian O’Halloran in Nevada City, CA, dressed as G.I. Jane.

Carmen, who lives with Michaela Darling in Sunnyvale, CA, wearing the Super Jane Rat Princess costume Michaela made for her rat Jane, who was too sick to attend the party.

Cokamo, who lives with Linda Bradley in San Jose, CA, dressed as a Christmas tree.

Tamis Baron of Cotati, CA dressed as the Pied Piper.

Starkey of San Rafael, CA loves on her rat Smokey, who won the People’s Choice Award.

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