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Below are pictures of rat pituitary tumors. 


First, for reference, here is a normal rat pituitary gland, without a tumor.  The photo on the right shows a very large pituitary tumor.




Here’s another large pituitary tumor that measured 11 mm x 10.5 mm x 8 mm. This rat, Ivan, had neurological symptoms for one month, and was treated with prednisone.



Here’s a smaller pituitary tumor that isn’t so red.  This tumor measured 5.5 mm x 5.5 mm x 3 mm.  This rat, Rascal, did not have neurological symptoms.


Here is a pituitary tumor that hemorrhaged suddenly, killing the rat. She had been slightly disoriented for 2 days, and more so a few hours before her death. You can see the blood clot that formed from the hemorrhage



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