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Below are pictures of miscellaneous rat tumors.


Updated 3/2/10.


This first set of photos are of cancers growing in front of or below the ear.


This is my rat Sparky, who developed a fast-growing cancer in front of his ear.  I first noticed the lump 1-18-11, and euthanized him 2-24-11. I did not have pathology done.


Here’s another of my rats, Jimmy, who developed a fast-growing tumor below his ear.  I first noticed a lump at the point of his jaw on 1-20-10, and as the lump grew, exudate (discharge) started coming out of his ear, a common sign that the cancer is growing in the ear canal. I euthanized Jimmy on 11-18-10.


Here’s another rat, Eli Spooner, who developed a cancer in front of his ear.



My rat Roo had numerous sebaceous epitheliomas throughout most of his life. Many of them acted like sebaceous cysts.  I surgically removed all the large ones. I euthanized him at age 25 months due to respiratory distress, and in his autopsy found one of the only lung tumors I’ve ever seen in a rat.  Pathology showed his was a basal cell carcinoma with sebaceous and epithelial differentiation.




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